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If you are looking for genuine, individual care from an array of professional, unique people who think with originality and have a positive outlook on life to support someone you love! Maximum support Service is well worth considering! They definitely stand out and they offer communication without the confusion and support for each individual to achieve their best life! I Definitely recommend Maximum Support Service from my experience with them!

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Maximum Support Services are extremely friendly, attentive and prompt to respond to your enquires. You can tell they genuinely care about your family member and want to inspired and support them to reach their NDIS goals. Reaching out to them was the best decision for me and my family! They have made the transition to a new support services company very easy, and we are very happy!


Excellent Organisation for Clients and Supports worker. Their Support team and Management is really proactive and helpful.I have been super impressed so far, I have tried different organisations and it was tedious and frustrating which nowhere near as good as Maximum Support Services.

berhane ghebremichael

Maximum Support Service has an excellent service and is well known for prioritising their clients and staff members. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for any services

julie Stewert

I was very lucky to have found them. They are very caring and empathetic. They are very knowledgeable in their field, but they also go above and beyond in what they do for their clients.

saciid ismail

Maximum support service is a fantastic service that is professional and easy to deal with and work alongside, Staff are welcoming and always available to be of service.

Ayub Ali

Well managed and super professional 🙂

Halimo E Hassan

max support services has helped my family member get their NDIS finding. we had no idea how to go about it but they made it easier for him and did all the application. Thank you to the Max support service team. we appreciate you help.

Elijah Williams

Awesome stuff. Really appreciate the work you provide. Keep it up

Darryn Chan

Professional and well organised staff. They put in the effort and time to help.

ty lucas

Super professional staff worked very well

Sundus Ali

Thank you for the all the help you have provided to our community.